Ben 10’s Heatblast Comes to Life for the AFL Grand Final

Heatblast Lights Up The Skies @ MCG Melbourne

To help Foxtel launch the new season of Ben 10, we built a life size version of the character Heatblast and took him flying around the MCG in the lead up to the AFL Grand Final.

Utilising the skills of a renowned prop designer based in Melbourne, Australia, we designed Heatblast around one of our smaller craft. He had a Go Pro mounted in the inside to capture some unique POV footage.

Flying inside the MCG was a first for drones and curious onlookers were both baffled and amused as the giant Heatblast cruised high above the hallowed turf of the Melbourne Cricket Ground and swooped down between the goal posts set up for the AFL grand final.

He got great traction with both print and broadcast media covering the story for Foxtel and is sure to make an appearance again one day soon.

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