Lion – With Pride

We are hugely proud of the achievements of the multi-award nominated feature film, Lion, including Best Picture at this year’s Oscars.

We were fortunate to be chosen as the prime aerial drone team, capturing the beautiful shots in India, and in particular very excited to have the closing shot of the movie.

It was a real pleasure working with Garth Davis and Greig Fraser to help bring their vision to life. We congratulate both of them on the success of the film and the acknowledgement it has gained from movie goers and awards organisations alike.

Our Chief Aerial Cinematographer, Stephen Oh has commented that, “shooting Lion was an amazing experience. There were significant challenges we faced as drone use was not common in India and we were filming in some very remote and harsh environments.”

Luke Annells, our Chief Pilot followed on that, “remember, this was 2 1/2 years ago and the technology was still in its infancy, so we had to really innovate to create a solution and workflows that would ensure we had 100% reliability and top quality. Greig had extremely high expectations and a grand vision, which required us to dig deep and develop a platform and system that didn’t exist anywhere else in the world at that time. It was a massive achievement, but the result speaks for itself.”

We are over the moon for Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman for their Best Supporting Role nominations for this years Oscars as well as for their wins in the same categories at the AACTA awards last month.

The nomination of Greig Fraser for Best Cinematography has blown us away. Being an integral part of his team and seeing our significant contribution in the final product has been both hugely rewarding and humbling.

Stephen Oh also said “when we had the crazy idea in 2011 to hang a camera under a Radio Controlled Helicopter to film a TVC, we had no idea that we would evolve to be a major player globally in aerial cinematography, let alone be a key contributor to a multi Golden Globe and Academy Award nominated feature film.”

So we thank the producers and crew of Lion for believing in us. We will all be crammed around the TV on 26 February to celebrate our collective achievement.