Westworld Season 2 – XM2 Lands in the US

We were privileged this past week to be invited to work on the amazing HBO series Westworld Season 2.

It was a shoot of firsts for us. Not only did it mark our first assignment on US mainland, but we also flew an ARRI 35mm film camera – the first time we understand a 35mm film camera has ever been successfully flown under a drone.

We are so proud of what was achieved in such a short space of time. As you can see from the trailer released this week at Comic Con, our aerial footage has been included, which is very exciting.

From what we’ve seen so far, Season 2 looks to be everything that Season one offered and more. Excited for its release next year.

We have been waiting for just the right project to launch our US business proper, and when we were offered the opportunity to work with HBO on the Westworld Season 2 series, it was exactly the type of project we were looking for.

Hopefully we can share more in the near future of this and other projects being planned in the US, as well as showcase the team we are assembling in the US to support the many and varied cinematic projects currently on the planning board..