Drone for the Movi XL // XM2 Sierra

XM2 are re-defining heavy lift drones in the cinematography industry with the announcement of “XM2 – Sierra”. Capable of flying the Freefly Systems Movi XL gimbal with huge payloads… she is shipping off with Stephen Oh, the CEO of XM2, to Los Angeles for the Ausfilm week.

This UAV has been entirely designed in-house in Melbourne Australia HQ, and extensively tested under extreme load and conditions to ensure safety and reliability.

XM2 Sierra and Vehicle for scale!

Stephen Oh stands next to Sierra along with a vehicle to give an idea of the scale of this machine!

Alexa XT with Pananvision 200-400mm Lens on the Gimbal. An idea of what this drone can carry.

Initial assembly and test fitment of an arm to the main frame

High Current Molex connectors installed on custom designed PCB’s

FEA of the design carried out during each stage of design. This is a sample from initial design where we estimate the factor of safety, and aim to keep the FOS as high as possible.

PCB design