SIERRA – Drone for the Movi XL // ALEXA 65

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our SIERRA UAV is in the final stages of commissioning and compliance with aviation certification.

We have conducted extreme load tests of the power system in controlled conditions to ensure optimum safety of the UAV at all times. We have used the latest in Finite Element Analysis, backed up by real world testing of structural components to verify the integrity of the Airframe.

Below are some images from testing with camera package:

  • Alexa SXT
  • Cooke Anamorphic 40mm Lens
  • ND Filter + Holder
  • RT-Motion Lens control
  • Teradek Bolt 3000 HD video link
  • FreeFly Systems Movi XL Camera Gimbal

The UAV total weight is 70KG.

It has met our requirements and in most cases exceeded our expectations.

It has been designed with the intention of filming with;

  • ARRI Alexa 65
  • ARRI 435 Film Camera
  • ARRI Alexa Mini (with large lens)
  • Sony F65

Stay tuned for more updates and to know when it is available to service your production!