FreeFly Movi Thingymajig – Extra safety for your gimbal

Introducing the thingymajig designed for the Movi FreeFly Gimbal range.

What is it !?

Well it is a small bracket that is simply installed between the gimbal and the toad in the hole. The bracket has a hole in the side which allows a safety cable to be attached to the gimbal (see pictures).

Why do you need it !?

We heard through friends in the industry, that people had been having trouble with the toad in the hole quick release. And in some cases the gimbal had detatched from the handles or drone… quite scary.

So to prevent this nightmare ever happening to us, we developed the thingymajig – safety bracket for the Movi.

The bracket is machined in house at XM2 from Billet T6061 Aluminium and is hard anodised, so it will withstand the test of time out in the battlefield. Currently available in a clear or black color.

It can be purchased from our online store, with or without a safety cable. Check out the link here:

Check out this video where Aidan demonstrates how it can save the gimbal: