WestWorld Season 2 // Super Bowl Commercial

We were pleasantly surprised to see some of our aerial shots appear in the new Season 2 WestWorld trailer which aired during the Super Bowl 2018.

XM2 provided aerial services and shot using the Arri 235 Film Camera for this production (which was shooting entirely on film). We shot in North Los Angeles and Utah, some spectacular locations which are evident in the trailer! It truely was an amazing and humbling experience for our team.

We had to design and machine some components to get the ARRI 235 airborne, and optimize the way the film is loaded in the gimbal. It’s a completely different workflow compare to digital cameras, as you can imagine!

It was a fantastic opportunity for us to work again with with friends from Pirates of the Caribbean, notably Paul Cameron (D.P) and Chris HaarHoff (A-camera Operator), and Andrew Rowlands (2nd Unit D.P). And we also made a lot of new friends on the production which we hope we will cross paths with again on future works.


The trailer looks incredible and we can’t wait to view the next season. A huge congratulations to everyone involved.