XM2 Sierra was unveiled for the first time to the public at Cine Gear LA 2018. XM2 Sierra is a fully custom designed and built aircraft to carry the Freefly Systems Movi XL and cameras such as the ARRIAlexa 65, LF and XT series as well as the ARRI 435.

This aircraft forms another tool to create the vision of Directors, DoPs and VFX Supervisors around the world and was recognised in the Technical Support Awards at Cine Gear LA 2018
The following photos and video pull back the curtain for an exclusive look into XM2 Labs (R&D Division). We hope you enjoy seeing the people and effort that goes into create this magnificent UAV

A big thank you to our supporters for supplying us with the components that ensure the safety and reliability of our platform.

Propulsion System – Tiger Motor T-MOTOR
Lithium polymer batteries – Gensace / TATTU
Video Downlinks – Teradek
Monitoring – Atomos
Camera Stabiliser – Freefly Systems Movi XL
Camera body and lenses – Panavision