XM2 STINGRAY – 3 Camera Array for Visual Effects


3 camera stabilised array developed for capturing data for visual effects. Primarily designed for use on our custom made Sierra UAV, but also able to be mounted on any car, boat, or crane! developed and proven on set.

Features a mix of custom carbon fibre and aircraft grade aluminium components on modified gimbal, designed and manufactured in house by XM2 Labs.

Configured with 3 synchronised ARRI AUS & NZ Alexa Mini Cameras with CP2 Lenses.

Not limited to ARRI camera’s only, can also be rigged with RED bodies and a variety of lenses.

We are streaming down live video from each camera via the Decimator and Teradek Bolt 3000/10K Receiver.

Maximum take off weight of UAV is 75KG!

Stephen Oh (C.E.O) holding the array

Plating array in flight on the XM2 Sierra UAV

XM2 Technicians preparing the payload before flight

Front shot of the array

Sierra UAV pre-flight checks underway

Front shot of the array

Live picture from each ARRI streamed from each camera via a Teradek Bolt 3000

Top down shot of the array