XM2 Tango Drone – reliable workhorse

We are extremely proud to announce our newest UAV – the XM2 “TANGO”.

Developed in house by XM2 Labs for flying big camera packages on set in the most demanding environments! we are replacing the out-dated Romeo equipment with these faster, more agile and longer endurance aircraft.

We have designed this UAV for flying the DJI Ronin 2 with ARRI Alexa Mini/235 Film Camera/RED camera packages, inclusive of all lens control devices.

It flies with the agility of an Inspire 2 and has incredible endurance which is lacking in every other platform available on the market.

The TANGO packs down (Completely tool-less) in to a custom made flight case ready to be safely transported by road or air freight.

We are able to customise the package to suit your cinematography or industrial needs, just get in contact with us! We have two options available, Tango H (Heavy Lift up to 36KG MTOW) and Tango L (Light lift up to 25KG MTOW).

CLICK HERE to go to Store: Tango Heavy Lift Drone

Tango Specifications:

Maximum Take-off weight: 36KG
Maximum Payload: 15KG

Frame weight: 10KG (Light lift), 12KG (Heavy lift)

Wide range of battery configurations:
– 4 x 22Ah 6S
– 4 x 16Ah 6S
– 4 x 12Ah 6S
– 4 x 10Ah 6S
Quick release battery tray
Common dampener system:
– Able to mount camera on top as well as under-slung
Optional flight controllers:
– DJI N3
– DJI A3
Light Bridge 2.0
Optional Stabilizers:
– FreeFly Movi Pro
– DJI Ronin 2
Endurance with 10KG Payload: 16 Minutes

Optional flight case available (under 32KG)

Retractable landing gear
High current QS8 Connectors

CLICK HERE to go to Store: Tango Heavy Lift Drone

Tango in Transport Mode, the arms fold down and up with a tool-less locking mechanism. the joint is extremely rigid and does not have any “play”

Front facing first person view camera feeds live image directly to the pilot to assist with navigation

Extremely efficient tuned propulsion system is quiet and powerful at the same time

Display of agility – aircraft launching in sport mode with a standard cine-package

Tracking with ease, this machine really makes the operators feel comfortable, which is important when trying to get the most out of the your creative freedom!

ARRI Alexa Mini camera onboard the Ronin 2 gimbal

We have optional short or long standoff to raise or lower the camera beneath the UAV. Typically the long standoff is used with the FreeFly Movi pro as it is not as large as the Ronin 2. This image shows the longer standoff.