XM2 Sierra Drone for ARRIFLEX 435 Film Camera

XM2 Sierra – Flying the ARRI 435

Ladies and gentlemen – we have again expanded our service capability!

The XM2 Sierra UAV has been tested and proven flying the ARRI 435 Film camera, coupled with 400 foot magazine. This allows for longer takes to be captured, up to 4 minutes at 24 FPS. This is double what the 235 with 200 foot magazine offers!

Along with longer take capacity, it reduces the on-set down time to change the film magazine, allowing our team to be in the air more frequently.

The Sierra with 435 camera has an endurance of 10-12 minutes, and a maximum camera payload of 15KG (35LBS). The gimbal can of-course accomodate large lenses and all lenses control systems.


UAV Technician (Steve) checking over the aircraft