Drones have access to tall, large scale assets, giving XM2 VFXi the capabilities to bring valued information that is cost-effective, safer, and more time-efficient. XM2 VFXi has thermal, LiDAR and aerial solutions.


Our photogrammetry services utilize advanced imaging techniques to capture highly accurate 3D data from photographs.
This process allows us to generate detailed3D models of real-world objects or environments, which can be seamlessly integrated into your visual effects pipeline.
Whether you require digital asset creation, virtual set extensions, our photogrammetry solutions provide the necessary precision and authenticity. 


Leveraging cutting-edge LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology, we offer high-resolution scanning services to capture precise and detailed point cloud data of physical objects or locations.
This data can be instrumental in creating realistic and accurate visual effects, such as environment reconstruction, terrain generation, or virtual camera matching. Our LiDAR scanning services provide a wealth of information to enhance your VFX projects.

LiDAR + Photogrammetry Merging

By combining the special accuracy of LiDAR with the texture quality of Photogrammetry, we can provide the best of both worlds. Resulting in the best possible asset for your VFX project.


Our plate capture services involve capturing high-quality reference footage or images that serve as a baseline for your VFX shots.  
Our experienced team excels at understanding your specific requirements, whether it's capturing background plates, reference shots, or HDRIs, to provide seamless integration with your visual effects work.


Our panoramic services allow you to create breathtaking and immersive views for your visual effects shots. You can choose from a variety of options, such as 360-degree environment maps, wide-angle backgrounds, or seamless sky replacements, depending on your project’s needs. Our team can capture and generate high-resolution panoramas that cover any angle and perspective you desire.
With our panoramic services, you can enhance your visual effects shots with realistic and stunning views.


We can capture the real world and bring it into your VFX workflow to help you create new worlds, or even enhance the real one.  From small to large areas, we can help you from planning to delivery.
With our service, you can transform the real world into your VFX workflow and unleash your creativity to build new worlds or improve the real one. No matter the size of the area you want to capture, we will guide you through every step of the process.


XM2 works extensively in virtual reality applications with proven experience in the most demanding environments, often operating multiple VR cameras simultaneously. Also, able to operate ground-based VR platforms on small vehicles, minimizing the footprint in the end of product while providing silky smooth video.