XM2 is equipped with an array of stabilization platforms and camera mounts that provide unrivaled versatility across multiple platforms at speeds of up to 400 miles per hour. Our teams of engineers, technicians and cinematographers are constantly developing upgrades and improvements to elevate this technology to the next level.


Our remote heads can move quickly and efficiently from aerial to ground-based platforms, saving time between shots. Owning and operating single and dual suspension arms allows for capture with single cameras across a variety of vehicles and terrains as well as multi-camera arrays for high intensity, VFX work.

These platforms have been tried and tested on a number of projects, creating a seamless operational workflow with an experienced crew. These arrays have been developed to withstand the rigors of high speed and rough terrain while maintaining complete control for the operator and producing stable, smooth footage.


XM2 Stealth allows you to keep up with the action while capturing a tight, close up view of the subject. A powerful electric bike is capable of reaching 40 miles per hour and equipped with a Flowcine Black Arm and remote head. Stealth provides a complete dampening solution with additional vibration elimination for super smooth footage from the front or rear of the bike. Remote head functionality can be controlled through a joystick, a traditional remote or wheels. The quick-release mechanism means the camera can go from Stealth to another platform in under a minute.


XM2 Stingray and XM2 Manta are equipped with three, synchronized Arri Alexa Minis to capture ultra-high-resolution VFX plates. This rig is equipped with independent power, camera control and synchronization which enables it to be mounted on a variety of platforms including the XM2 Sierra, cranes, helicopters and high-speed vehicles.

Stingray has the cameras mounted in a toe-out fashion while Manta has the cameras mounted toe-in, depending on the distance between the cameras and the subject. Both configurations provide an extra-large field of view along with significant overlap, ensuring high-quality footage and easy stitching. The modified gimbal provides strong and precise control through a conventional remote control or wheels. Equipped with this platform, XM2 Sierra is capable of achieving high speeds while retaining the reduced footprint of a drone.


XM2 Rabbit is a dual RED Monstro 8K rig that has been specifically developed to capture VFX plates in ultra-high-resolution with a variable field of view. Altering the angle between the two cameras modifies both the field of view and the overlap.Mounted to a customized gimbal using components designed and manufactured in house, Rabbit allows for complete freedom of gimbal movement. This platform is paired with high-quality lenses and synchronized remote lens control to create amazing content.


The Shotover F1 is a 6-axis gyro-stabilized platform that delivers unshakable stability with look-down capability for use inverted, or right side up, on almost anything that moves. It rigs fast and accommodates over 175 camera and lens combinations for the look you want. Its compact carbon fiber construction means it ships as excess baggage on commercial flights worldwide with no export restrictions.


· 6-axis gyro-stabilized with look down capability
· Open-architecture allows for creativity with camera and lens choices
· Compatible with most FAA and EASA approved aircraft mounts
· Easy mounting options for fixed or rotary-wing aircraft and land and sea vehicles
· Inverted operation using auto-position detectors
· Fiber optic video data transfer for clean 3GHz imagery
· No ITAR restrictions or EAR licensing requirements


· F1 RUSH - The SHOTOVER F1 RUSH is a 6-axis gyro-stabilized platform specifically tailored for the unique capabilities of a jet platform at elevated speeds of 400 mph, inverted and during maneuvers approaching 3G’s.


A 6-axis gyro stabilized gimbal platform, the Shotover K1 delivers unshakable stability and next-generation Ultra HD image quality in 2D or 3D with straight look-down capability. Its open architecture allows a comprehensive range of camera and lens combinations.


· 6-axis gyro-stabilized with look down capability
· Open-architecture allows for creativity with camera and lens choices
· Capture remarkable 3D footage easily using the SHOTOVER 3D with adjustable I/O option
· Easy mounting options for air, land and sea vehicles
· Fiber optic video data transfer for clean 3GHz imagery
· No ITAR restrictions or EAR licensing requirements


· Hammerhead - The Hammerhead 3-camera array system was developed by Shotover and is primarily used in the production of content for VFX and dome theaters. It’s capable of carrying a variety of camera and lens options and can be configured to shoot in either landscape or portrait mode.
· ARRI 535 - This specialized film camera system has been developed for those projects which require the use of traditional Super 35 film cameras. We have integrated the ARRI 535B into our customized Shotover K1 gimbal allowing us to use 1,000 ft. magazines with a total run time of 11 minutes for continuous filming operations. This setup can support both spherical and anamorphic formats as well as high frame rates.


With its industry first front-mounted gimbal, XM2 Mantis allows for a completely unobstructed 180° field of view while maintaining 180° of tilt travel that is unobstructed by propellers, creating a new paintbrush for filming and VR applications.